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Alpine Hotel Erzherzog Johann Adults Only in Rohrmoos Schladming
Relax in the spa area in the Alpin Style Adults Only Hotel Erzherzog Johann
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Wellness in the Alpin Style Hotel Erzherzog Johann

It could feel the same way on cloud nine - cozy, calm, chilled, simply deeply relaxed. But why the long journey, in our sauna house you will experience moments in which you can completely relax. Whether you prefer a break after skiing, hiking or biking or would like to spend a very relaxing day in the sauna house is of course entirely up to you. You can choose from a modern offer with a stone pine sauna with panoramic windows, marble steam bath made from regional Sölker marble, infrared cabin and adventure shower with brine mist and tropical rain.
in the Johann
You will find the best conditions for maximum relaxation in the relaxation room with sun terrace and heated loungers. The view of Schladming and the Dachstein massif could be your inspiration for long fantasy journeys. A glass of mountain spring water is highly recommended as a real kick of freshness in our small tea lounge. The wellness area is open daily from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Relax and feel good
[ Come to rest & relax ]
Relax and feel good in the spa area
  • stone pine sauna with panoramic window
  • marble steam bath
  • infrared cabin
  • tropical rain experience shower
  • sun terrace
  • heated loungers
  • tea lounge
  • relaxation room

Relaxing vacation in Rohrmoos near Schladming

Pine sauna:
The stone pine sauna offers you the perfect retreat after a day of skiing or hiking. The stone pine creates a unique room climate and has been proven to lower the heart rate. An extraordinary fragrance that you don't want to miss anymore.
Steam bath: Art from nature is timeless. Natural stone is trendy. Its extremely high strength and salt content clearly set it apart from other marble. In addition to the practical properties, there is a unique look. The color nuances, which are always a little different, make every piece of Sölker marble unique.
Infrared cabin:
The positive effect of warmth on general well-being is beyond question. Pain relief and muscle relaxation, increased blood flow and metabolic stimulation, but also psychological relaxation under the influence of well-dosed warmth are well known. Enjoy the healing effects of deep heat! 
Tea lounge: Our tea lounge offers a selection of high quality and exquisite tea specialties in different variations and flavors. We also offer you fresh mountain spring water and fresh fruit.
Relaxation room: Rest and relaxation are probably the most important elements of recovery. Read a book, enjoy the peace and quiet or let nature take its effect on you through the panoramic windows.

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