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Ski touring on your winter holidays

Ski touring

Ski touring on your winter holidays

Ski touring has been a trend for years. And this is no surprise, because it successfully combines sporting activity and nature experience. Even as you climb up the mountain - whether along the slopes or in deep snow terrain - a feeling of satisfaction will follow you.
Arriving at your destination you will be rewarded with a great view over the mountains and the anticipation of the descent. It’s there, at the latest, you will experience the perfect combination of freedom, happiness and enjoyment.

Ski tour experience

Ski touring on your winter holidays

Touring is varied: it is possible to go uphill on the edge of groomed slopes with climbing skins and then downhill back into the valley. The ski mountain Hochwurzen is the mountain for ski tourers in the region. Passionate and experienced tourers appreciate the ascent in unspoilt nature, virgin snow and fantastic panoramas. For those who don’t shy away from hours of ascents and want to be rewarded with powder snow descents, we highly recommend making use of a local mountain or ski guide.
Last but not least you can take the Dachstein Glacier Lift and start ski tours from there. For example Austria's National Ski Tour No. 1, a 25 km long crossing of the Dachstein glacier with arrival in Hallstatt (Upper Austria). You only need average skiing skills and normal skiing equipment for this tour.



One of the last adventures is a freeride over the Edelgrieß. From the Dachstein glacier region (2700 m) over steep, unprepared slopes back to Ramsau am Dachstein (approx. 1100 m). The Freeride is only recommended for excellent skiers and snowboarders. We recommend a mountain or ski guide for those not familiar with the area.

In all cases, the reception staff at all Keinprecht hotels are happy to help guests with tour planning, including safety information.

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