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Bad weather programme in Schladming Dachstein

Bad weather programme

Rainy holidays? No problem!

The Schladming-Dachstein region owes its scenic beauty, its abundance of water and the purity of its air to regular rainfall. To make the wait for the sun shorter, we have interesting alternatives available for young and old.
The guests of the Keinprecht Hotels can ask for individual suggestions on what to do when it’s raining at reception. A little tip: if you go on a hike through the nearby woods after rainfall, your senses will be rewarded with undreamt-of "earthy” experiences, full of intensely aromatic smells

For families and children

Children can get impatient on rainy days. Getting up close to animals can be a welcome distraction on those days and there are numerous opportunities in the region: forest animals and game enclosures, llamas and alpacas, horses (especially ponies), all species of domestic animals . . . you can even pay a visit to the queen bee. We are happy to give you detailed information about the bad weather family programme at reception. We guarantee we’ll find an interesting alternative for you!

Museums, exhibitions, excursions

Winter sports museum in Haus im Ennstal
Rainy days are a welcome opportunity to learn more about a country and its people. Museums, exhibitions and excursions are an interesting start. The local history museum in Schladming, the winter sports museum in Haus im Ennstal, the local history museum in Gröbming, Trautenfels Castle (approx. 20 min. from Schladming) or the Admont Monastery (approx. 45 min.) are just some of your possible day trip destinations. By the way: these aren’t just alternatives for a rainy day!

Sölktäler Nature Park

Sölktäler Nature Park
The Sölktäler valleys are a natural jewel, largely untouched by mass tourism, and a geological peculiarity in the alpine region. The "Großsölk Castle Nature Park House" has vivid, and sometimes astonishing, information about the valleys, their history and folk-cultural significance. The "Natura Mirabilis" exhibition in Großsölk Castle, a walk through the Jesuit garden with over 200 different species of plant or the ice age themed trail - you can spend interesting and informative hours here while you dive into the history of the region.

Rafting - BAC Gröbming

Hooray it’s raining! Weather-resistant holidays

All our holiday resorts have bad weather alternatives, most of which are included in the Sommercard and are especially appealing for families with children. You can find out more about this at the reception desk of your Keinprecht Hotel:

Our tip: if you’re going to get wet, get wet! Nobody stays dry when there are water sports, rafting and canyoning to do! Two professional leisure companies in the region organise guided tours on the Enns and other rivers. Participants will be provided with equipment free of charge.

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