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Hiking holiday in Schladming
Hiking in the Schladming-Dachstein region

Lush alpine valleys, magnificent mountain peaks, clear streams and clean air - warm summer greetings from the beautiful landscape of the Schladming-Dachstein region. Known as a popular ski center, the Schladming-Dachstein region turns into one of Austria's premium hiking regions in summer. Explore the mountains around Schladming with 1.000 km of hiking trails, the magnificent limestone walls of the Dachstein, countless mountain peaks and a total of 300 mountain lakes.
The regional hiking offer for those with sporting ambitions impresses with their diversity and variety. Whether simple hikes, challenging tours or multi-day activities - the region has a well-maintained and marked network of hiking trails for all demands. And the numerous alpine huts in the region provide for refreshment in between. The many hiking buses, most of which can be used free of charge with the Schladming Dachstein Summercard, bring you to your desired starting point and back to our hotels.

The "Spiegelsee" on the Reiteralm

The "Spiegelsee" - with Dachstein reflection - is simply unique and a very popular photo motif! A place to take photos, rest, dream and enjoy. You start at the mountain station on the Reiteralm, after 45 minutes of walking you are at one of the most legendary lakes in the Schladming-Dachstein region. A perfect hike for families!

"Wilde Wasser"

The 14 km long adventure hiking trail “Wilde Wasser” is an absolute highlight. It begins in Schladming (at 750 m) as a family-friendly section through the Talbachklamm and the Rohrmooser Untertal. From the Riesachfall (the highest waterfall in Styria) the tour turns into an alpine path with stairs, walkways and a 50 m long suspension bridge. The goal is the Riesachsee at 1.350 m. Deep gorges, thundering waterfalls, canyons made of polished marble - here in the Rohrmooser Unter- and Obertal you will encounter the water in its original power! In addition to the family hikes to the Riesachsee or the picturesque Duisitzkarsee, action-packed water experiences and long-distance hikes, such as the Königstour Klafferkessel, await you.
Family hikes in the Schladming-Dachstein region © Schladming-Dachstein | Peter Burgstaller Tipp

Pure experience of nature

In the Schladming Dachstein region there are many hiking trails for every requirement. No matter whether you are traveling with the family and prefer hiking trails suitable for pushchairs, whether you are considering leisurely tours and enjoying the landscape or are active in sports and looking for new challenges:
  • medium hikes
  • family walks
  • alpine walks
  • Dachstein glacier
  • long distance walks

Hiking vacation in Schladming

Which hiking equipment is recommended?

Your equipment should always be adapted to the difficulty of the hike. Below you will find recommendations for your mountain and hiking tours in Schladming-Dachsteins.
When it comes to clothing, breathable outdoor clothing that is suitable for all weather conditions is important. Don't forget sun protection & co!
  • jacket
  • protection against the cold (hat, gloves) depending on the weather
  • rain or insulating jacket
  • rain protection (poncho, toddler, backpack protection)
  • backpack with padded shoulder straps and ventilated back
  • sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen and lip protection, cap)
  • short and long sleeve t-shirts
  • hiking pants
  • hiking shoes with non-slip tread soles
  • hiking socks
  • hiking sticks (telescopic sticks are ideal)
  • water bottle

Anything else that belongs in a backpack

  • ID card | insurance and membership cards (e.g. Alpine Club)
  • cash (as it is not possible to pay with a debit or credit card at most huts)
  • first aid equipment and personal medication (blister plasters, vitamin/magnesium tablets, etc.)
  • camera, binoculars
  • mobile phone with a fully charged battery (important phone numbers)
  • plastic bags for waste
  • pocket knife and lighter
  • hiking map and information material, GPS optional
Please always pack enough food. Muesli bars, nuts and dried fruit, for example, are good snacks between meals.

Frequently asked questions about hiking holidays in Schladming

In order to make your hike an unforgettable experience, we have summarized the most important questions for you below!

What should you watch out for when planning a tour?

Paths in the alpine area often require surefootedness and a head for heights. A good and precise planning based on the existing descriptions including height profiles and much more. as well as high-quality hiking maps not only create security, but above all more holiday fun. If you are traveling in a group, please adjust the pace to the weakest members. And please do not leave the marked path for your own protection and out of consideration for nature and wildlife.

Which mountain lakes and gorge hikes are there in Schladming?

Schladming-Dachstein is also called the "valley of a thousand springs". Why? Because the region with 300 mountain lakes, 1.000 springs and 100 waterfalls is one of the most water-rich areas in Austria. The “Wilde Wasser” themed hiking trail, which is entitled “National Geographic Hiking Trail”, is a unique experience of nature. Accompanied by many waterfalls, you can get your adrenaline rush on the 50-meter-long suspension bridge and then be rewarded with the sight of the Ries axis. The "Königstour Klafferkessel" is a must for those with a strong stamina. The hike leads over a lake plateau at 2.300 meters above sea level with 30 lakes and is also a stage of the long-distance hiking trail "Schladminger-Tauern-Höhenweg". Other popular hiking destinations are the "Spiegelsee" on the Reiteralm, in which the Dachstein massif is reflected on calm days, the Seekarlsee in the Sölktäler Nature Park, which with its turquoise color creates a caribbean feeling, or the Schwarzensee, the largest mountain lake in the Schladminger Tauern. The "Steirische Bodensee" in the Seewigtal is also a popular destination for young and old in a 15-minute walk. And of course the numerous gorges invite you to explore - above all the "Donnersbachklamm", "Silberkarklamm" and the "Wörschachklamm".

Hiking tours in Schladming for children - which ones are suitable?

Please note that the focus is on variety and playful discovery for children on hikes! Therefore, hikes with people of the same age are always more fun. Very long and exposed tours that require a lot of concentration are not suitable for children. Of course, it basically depends on the age and condition of the children which tours can be hiked. Children who have already gained experience in the mountains can also take part in more demanding hiking tours. In this case, you can get help with planning at the respective local tourism association or at reception.

Hiking holiday in Schladming with the family - is that possible?

Schladming is the ideal holiday destination if you want to go on a hiking holiday with the family. There are numerous family hikes, many large adventure playgrounds right on the mountains, an extensive and free family program with archery, pony rides, bread-baking courses, etc. with the Summercard and inexpensive family offers.

Hiking holiday in Schladming with the baby - is that possible?

Since there are many excursion destinations and walking paths (also on the mountain) in Schladming that are easily accessible and passable with a stroller, you can go on a hiking holiday in Schladming with your baby without any problems. Families with small children usually feel most at home in apartments, as they have enough space for themselves and are not tied to predetermined meal times. The Keinprecht businesses have apartments in all price categories, from luxurious apartments on the mountain to inexpensive apartment categories in Schladming. A hotel service can also be booked for all of our apartments - simply perfect for your holiday with a baby.

I am physically very fit. Can I find suitable tours for my hiking holiday in Schladming?

In any case. Schladming is ideal for demanding hikers. There are numerous challenging day tours or multi-day tours, for example on the Hochwildstelle or the Hochgolling, the Giglachseerunde, the Höhenweg over the Preintalerhütte, the Klafferkessel-Runde and much more.

I am a leisurely hiker. What leisurely hikes are there in Schladming?

The great thing about Schladming is that there is something for ambitious hikers as well as for leisurely and leisurely hikers. Comfortable, short hikes are, for example, the hike to the Spiegelsee on the Reiteralm, the circular hiking trail on the Planai, the hike from the Planai mountain station to the Krahbergzinken, the hike to the Riesachsee or the Duisitzkarsee and much more.

Can you climb in Schladming?

The region around Schladming is not only very popular with hikers, but also with climbers. In Ramsau am Dachstein there are numerous via ferratas, from easy climbing routes for beginners to challenging via ferratas, for example on the Dachstein. This makes Schladming ideal if you want to combine hiking and climbing.

What family hikes are there in Schladming?

There are countless family hikes in Schladming. For example, you can take the gondola to the Planai or the Reiteralm and take a leisurely stroll on the circular trails there or a hike to the Krahbergzinken (Planai) or the Spiegelsee (Reiteralm). The Riesachsee in Rohrmoos Untertal is also a popular hiking destination for families, as is the Brandalm or the Rittisberg in Ramsau am Dachstein. All of these hikes can be reached within 20 minutes by car from the center of Schladming, and from the Keinprecht Hotels the route is sometimes even shorter.

Long-distance hiking trails in Schladming - which ones are there?

In Schladming there are several long-distance hiking trails, such as the Schladminger Tauern Höhenweg 702, the Dachstein circular hiking trail over 8 stages, the Schladming Dachstein Panoramaweg 100, or the themed hike "From the glacier to wine" over 23 stages from Schladming to Leibnitz.

Hiking in Schladming with a dog - can I take my dog ​​with me?

Basically yes. Please note that dogs are perceived by cattle, and especially suckler cows, as potential enemies. The following behavioral measures ensure the safety of humans and dogs: Always keep dogs on a leash and, if possible, take them to the center of the group. Please make sure that the dog behaves calmly, is kept on a leash and has a muzzle, as there are also children on the trails. If an attack by cattle is unavoidable, for his and your own protection it is imperative that you let the dog off the leash immediately. This means that the dog is the target of the attack and the danger is averted from you. Dogs are usually fast enough to avoid being attacked by a cattle. Please never pick up a dog and try to defend it against the cattle. Important information for you and your dog: The Alpinsteig Höll to Riesachsee is not suitable for dogs because of the many stairs and sometimes steep ladders. In addition, when hiking in the valley head of the Obertal from Eschachalm (e.g. to Duisitzkarsee or to Keinsprechthütte), to Moaralmsee / Gumpental, in the Ramsauer Almen area from Neustattalm to Bachlalm, as well as in Sölktal from Trogermühle in Mössna towards Knallalm, dogs are forbidden, which we do you ask to respect!

Hiking bus in Schladming - all information about the hiking bus

The hiking bus in Schladming is free with the Schladming Dachstein Summercard, which you get from 1 night in the Keinprecht establishments. He takes you several times a day to the most important starting points for hikes and of course back to your accommodation. The hiking bus stops right in front of the house at all of our establishments so that you can safely leave your car behind.

Guided hikes in Schladming?

Of course, there are also guided hikes in Schladming that are organized by the local tourism associations. A knowledgeable mountain and hiking guide will take you to the most beautiful destinations in the region. Most of the guided hikes are even free with the Schladming Dachstein Summercard.

Equipment for hiking in Schladming - what equipment do I need?

For hiking in Schladming, depending on the planned tour, you need non-slip shoes (trekking shoes are sufficient for easy tours, we recommend good mountain boots for more demanding hikes), a backpack and, if desired, hiking sticks. Since it can be windy and often cold up on the mountain, we recommend that you always have a windbreaker and, if the weather is appropriate, a rain jacket with you, as well as a warmer jacket. It is also important to always have enough to drink with you, and at least a small snack or glucose if it takes a little longer and there is no mountain hut in sight.

Hikes in Schladming in hot weather - which hikes are best?

In particularly hot weather, the leisurely hikes through the Silberkarklamm in Ramsau am Dachstein or the Wörschachklamm in Wörschach offer pleasant cooling. Shady paths are also suitable, such as the Kochofen in Moosheim (the steeper section is in the shade, the sunny sections are high enough so that it is no longer so hot), the Brandriedl (enough shade thanks to the forest hiking trail) in Ramsau am Dachstein, the Duisitzkarsee in the Rohrmoos Untertal (enough shade thanks to the forest hiking trail). The hike to the Ahornsee and further on to the Grafenbergsee in Weißenbach bei Haus offers enough shade on the steeper sections and, when you reach the top, you can cool off through the lake. We will be happy to give you further hiking tips tailored to your needs at our reception desk.

Which hikes in Schladming are suitable in bad weather?

In light rain you do not necessarily have to do without hiking, but you should pay particular attention to weather-appropriate equipment. A leisurely hike through the Silberkarklamm or the Wörschachklamm is also possible in bad weather, and you can also go to the Brandalm or the Planai circular route (via the gondola ascent or directly via the hiking trail to the Planai) in light rain. In the event of a thunderstorm, however, it is advisable to stay at home or in the hotel, as it can sometimes be quite stormy and dangerous in the mountains. As an alternative, there are plenty of excursion destinations that are ideal in bad weather.

Grazing cattle on the mountain pasture - what do I have to watch out for?

In general, please be calm on alpine pastures, do not frighten grazing animals and do not seek contact with grazing cattle. Please do not feed the animals.

How do I get back to my starting point?

There are numerous bus lines or collective or hiking taxis in Schladming-Dachstein to return to the respective starting point. Please also note that with the Schladming-Dachstein Summer Card, the bus routes are available at great discounts or even free of charge. You can get information about timetables at the reception..

Can all tours be hiked in May?

The hiking and mountain tours in the Schladming-Dachstein region are accessible from June to the beginning of October. Before that, you have to expect residual snow in the Schladminger Tauern, although you are never immune to unexpected weather conditions.

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